Handcrafted Slices

Handcrafted Slices

A beautiful range of original design soap slices, all handcrafted and hand-cut

Cellophane wrapped and fully labelled our 75g soap slices offer something for everyone with fragrance and essential oil combinations ranging from bold and exotic to subtle and floral.

All our goods are vegetable based, free from SLS and parabens and we have a growing ‘allergen free’ range.  Our ingredients are sourced only from high quality suppliers who do not test their products on animals.

Our designs are unique and inspired by our local landscape, our family and friends such as our remembrance range dedicated to a family member killed in the first world war, a summer sky above the Lake District fells and the floral fragrances of an English country lane.

amber soap Amber

A rich and exotic fragrance coloured with a beautiful natural mica to give a shimmering bronze finish

The Floral Range The Floral Range

Inspired by a walk along the Lancaster canal these pretty marble effect soaps capture the wonderful rich scents of an English summer evening:

  • Rose – a subtle pink colour with the unmistakeable smell of sweet rosebuds
  • Lavender – the timeless, refreshing fragrance of lavender in lilac and white
  • Elderflower – the delicate scent of elderflower in a lively and evocative pale green
  • Jasmine – a pure white and sunny yellow with the heady scent of jasmine


Pure Lemon

A perfectly clear soap made with a subtle water based colour and refreshing natural essential oil of lemon

Summer Sky

Inspired by a warm summer day in the Cumbrian fells; our own relaxing and earthy fragrance includes grapefruit essential oil, cedarwood and ylang ylang

Tutti Frutti

This lively combination of lime, lemon and strawberry comes in a colourful, eye-catching random design for those who like a citrus hit with a hint of sweetness

Pretty in Pink & Beautiful Blue

Gentle musky undertones and a soft ‘soapy’ scent in a choice of 2 colours


A  transparent purple soap with a delightfully sweet and fruity aroma of the dewberry which is closely related to the blackberry

Wild Berry allergen free

A very gentle fragrance, reminiscent of picking berries on a warm summer day with a hint of pearlescent mica

The Remembrance Range – designed to commemorate the First World War

We donate 10% from every sale to the Royal British Legion:

  • Poppy Petal – a striking red and white design with a gentle white musk fragrance depicting the falling and scattered petals of the traditional poppy
  • Forget me Not – fragranced with lemon and rose, this pretty design represents the beautiful spring flowers which remind us of all those who are gone but not forgotten
  • Seeds of Remembrance – poppy seeds suspended against a clear, red background and fragranced with lemon essential oil make this soap perfect for gentle exfoliation



The sweet, sensual scent of vanilla captured in random swirls of gold mica – simple yet stunning

A Slice Of Life A Slice of Lime

A zingy lime fragrance in a cheerful transparent green, with pure white geometric shapes running through it.

Blackberry and Raspberry

A pretty transparent soap with a sweet and fruity fragrance combination


This unique soap captures the texture and glisten of freshly fallen snow with the uplifting scent of Rosemary oil

Cinnamon and Orange Swirl

Colourful swirls of red, yellow and green with a light glistening effect and a distinctive cinnamon and orange fragrance